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If you were to visit your favorite cosmetics store you will see dozens of products for keeping your skin and face looking good. Products to make your skin look healthier, remove wrinkles, to retain moisture, etc., but unfortunately most of these products are superficial, to provide the look of healthy skin. Then there are procedures like face lifts and botox, once again, a superficial approach to looking good.

Well, the truth is you need to go skin deep (and further) to have healthy looking skin and to avoid the premature effects on your skin from things like UV radiation, pollution, aging, hormonal changes and a poor lifestyle. Research has show that inflammation and free radical damage to skin cells are what eventually lead to unhealthy skin. This is discussed in more detail in Nicholas Perricone M.D.'s book, The Wrinkle Cure& and other bestsellers he has written that has made an expert in his field of dermatology and natural skin care. You can order this book by going to my website,, link to buy supplements and order it through Emerson Ecologics, Inc. This information can be further researched by going on the internet to Life Extension's website at

I will try to summarize my recommendations for keeping your skin, particularly your face and neck, looking young and healthy. First of all, a plan to reduce inflammation and free radical damage to your skin can be done with topical antioxidants like Vitamin C esters, alpha lipoic acid, DMAE and vitamin E. Sagging skin because of weakening muscles under the skin can be tightened with DMAE and other nutrients. Below is a description of what these nutrients can do for your skin.

Vitamin C ester
A fat-soluble vitamin C which rapidly penetrates the skin providing antioxidant protection to the skins cell membranes.

Skin conditions most likely to respond to topical vitamin C esters:
-Fine lines and wrinkles on severely sun-damaged skin
-Sagging skin that is losing its firmness because of lost or damaged collagen
-Sunburned, inflamed, or irritated skin

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Nature's most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Skin conditions best treated with alpha lipoic acid:
-Lines and wrinkles
-Under-eye bags and puffiness
-Enlarged pores
-Acne scars
-Sallow or dull skin


DMAE boosts the effects of other antioxidants, resulting in increased smoothness, brightness and line reduction. Can dramatically improve the appearance of sagging skin.

Helpful in the following skin conditions:
-Loss of firmness in the skin on the face or body
-Fine lines above and below the lips
-Stressed, overtired skin
-Thin lips that you want to look fuller and more defined

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

Helpful with other treatments including the following:
-Razor bumps
-Rough, dry, or finely lined skin
-Uneven pigmentation (age spots)

Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations:

In addition to topical preparations, you must have a healthy lifestyle to promote healthy skin, including a healthy diet, 8-10 glasses of water per day, and nutritional supplements.

A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will provide lots of antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals. Avoid animal fats and a high vegetable oil intake that increases inflammation through the production of arachidonic fatty acids. Increase your intake of flaxseed, borage or evening primrose oil and fish oils (preferably purified fish oil supplement) for healthy fat intake.

Daily you should take a high potency multiple vitamin like Basic Preventive 5, antioxidants including Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin E 400 IU, Coenzyme Q-10 Q-Sorb 75mg and Acetyl L-Carnitine 250mg. Also take Nordic Cod Liver Oil or Opti-EPA fish oil 3 per day.

I recommend the following topical formulas that are available from Emerson Ecologics, Inc, by going to and link to buy supplements. You will need the password, wellness to get access to purchase (doctors recommendation). You can buy The Wrinkle Cure Book also at this site.

Topical Recommendations:

1. Wash your face with Skin Smoothing Bar by Lane Labs

2. Apply Derm Q-Gel Skin Cream by Designs for Health, morning and evening

3. Additional sunscreen protection and aged skin, as needed use Skin Perfect Moisturizer by Lane Labs

4. For puffiness around the eyes use DMAE (topical) from Scientific Consulting Ser

5. For additional support for healthy skin, use Rejuvine 1-2 teaspoons daily applied to inner arms, thighs or hands.

Skin Smoothing Bar

Derm Q-Gel

Anti-Aging Skin Perfect Moisturizer

DMAE Topical